The current unpleasantness has caused all of us to adapt our ways as we endeavor to carry on and function under these new restrictions. The loss of a freedom to meet with others in person wherever we choose has, for most of us, and each to varying degrees, caused disappointment and perhaps even frustration but will be something that we can deal with. To those on the road to wellness the need to share and meet with others is a fundamental aspect of that recovery process, the loss of which would, in its mildest form, hinder progress and undermine wellness. Fortunately, all manner of organizations and self-help groups have adapted to the times with remarkable speed and are providing virtual meetings as well as on-line resources for those dealing with the added challenges presented by COVID 19.

To further assist individuals and caregivers who are working on and seeking recovery Maryland Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Administration has issued a comprehensive fact sheet of those on-line resources and virtual meetings. The fact sheet lists times of meetings and how to access each one as well as highlighting other on-line and phone services that are available. Additionally, for those seeking more general information, there’s a link to MDH’s coronavirus update page (here:

Below is attached a copy of the most recent edition of the fact sheet.

Fact Sheet_ Recovery and Wellness Support_032420 revised final