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Maryland Benefits Counseling Network

The Maryland Benefits Counseling Network is a program funded by the Behavioral Health Administration which provides comprehensive, up to date benefits counseling education, information and resources for professionals, beneficiaries, and family members.

The mission of The Maryland Benefits Counseling Network (MD-BCN) is to provide training and technical assistance to Work Incentive Counselors, Employment Service Providers, Beneficiaries, and families which supports Social Security beneficiaries in achieving greater independence through work.

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SSI Recipient with Questions about EIP? SSA Has the Answers

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Vulnerable Population Liaisons: SSA’s New Community Partnership Scheme

Social Security recently announced that they have created a new position within their ranks. The Vulnerable Population Liaison (VPL) will act to ensure that those in the community that most need the financial support that SSI and SSDI provide will be prioritized and...

Is Medicare Set to Cover Dental, Health and Vision Care Services?

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Remembrance of Earnings Past: Check with SSA on Your Full Work Record

While we wait for the IRS to allow us to see past earnings on a Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) once more we can rest assured that individuals are able to check and see how much they’ve made in the past and, more importantly, how much they’ve accrued towards SSA...

Reminder for Students Working This Summer: Don’t Forget the Student Earned Income Exclusion

The summer vacation is here again. While that will hopefully mean such fun things as a trip to the ocean and plenty of excuses for staying up late every night, there is also the opportunity for teens to pick up some valuable work experience. That might be either...