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Maryland Benefits Counseling Network

The Maryland Benefits Counseling Network is a program funded by the Behavioral Health Administration which provides comprehensive, up to date benefits counseling education, information and resources for professionals, beneficiaries, and family members.

The mission of The Maryland Benefits Counseling Network (MD-BCN) is to provide training and technical assistance to Work Incentive Counselors, Employment Service Providers, Beneficiaries, and families which supports Social Security beneficiaries in achieving greater independence through work.

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Need Help with Food Stamps? There’s Assistance Out There

A recent article in the Baltimore Banner brought to light the plight of many Marylanders who were receiving food stamps but who, through no fault of their own, lost eligibility through miscommunication issues during the annual redetermination process. The Department...

Modifications Made to SSI Mobile Wage Reporting

The Social Security Administration has had in place for a few years now various options for SSI recipients to report their earnings. Where once it was advisable to go in person to your local office or to fax your pay stubs, you could also just call in and let a worker...

In Case of Emergency Only: MA for Undocumented Marylanders

As a general rule in Maryland if you are living here but undocumented you are entitled to no health insurance coverage at all, However, there is a little caveat to that regulation which allows a short period of Medical Assistance coverage. You could qualify if you’ve...

Speculation Mounting on Huge Social Security Benefits Increases in 2023

Several media outlets have recently published stories on the prospects of a large hike in Social Security benefits in the new year, with projections of there being as much as a 10.5% percent increase in 2023. The annual Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)...

Mental Health Concerns? Just Dial 988 for Help

From this Saturday July 16 anyone in the US experiencing mental health distress can simply call or text the number 988 to get connected with a trained counselor. A suicide prevention hotline has been around for 17 years now but the current number (1-800-273-8255) has...