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Maryland Benefits Counseling Network

The Maryland Benefits Counseling Network is a program funded by the Behavioral Health Administration which provides comprehensive, up to date benefits counseling education, information and resources for professionals, beneficiaries, and family members.

The mission of The Maryland Benefits Counseling Network (MD-BCN) is to provide training and technical assistance to Work Incentive Counselors, Employment Service Providers, Beneficiaries, and families which supports Social Security beneficiaries in achieving greater independence through work.

Upcoming Events

A Kinder Cut: SSA Simplifies Rental Subsidies for SSI Recipients

A few weeks ago we discussed a change to the rules governing SSI’s In-kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) which seemed to have the needs of the beneficiary at heart as they looked to take out the calculations on food costs. While that appears to be a somewhat flawed...

Remembering the Greats: Subsidies and Special Conditions Work Incentive

In this weekend of remembering the past it’s worth noting that SSDI emerged from a program initiated during the Second World War to compensate and assist civil defense workers who became disabled in the course of their work to protect the nation. One of the key work...

Sorry Figures: SSA Launches Customer Service Tracking Program

A recent press release from our friends at Social Security announced the arrival of SecurityStat,  which the agency declares is “an agencywide, cross-cutting performance management program—to accelerate the deployment of customer service improvements.” Further reading...

Slimming Down: SSA Simplifies Rules on In-Kind Support and Maintenance

The former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley took over the reins of Social Security in December last year in his role as the agency’s commissioner. Naturally, it’s still o early to see what lasting effect he’ll have but he has recently overseen a change that is...

Opportunity Cost: HUD Eliminates the Earned Income Disregard

In an essay from 1976 the Italian economist Carlo Cipolla outlined some fundamental laws of stupidity. He avers that we underestimate the number of stupid people out there; we underestimate the destructive power of stupidity; stupid people are the most dangerous of...