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Maryland Benefits Counseling Network

The Maryland Benefits Counseling Network is a program funded by the Behavioral Health Administration which provides comprehensive, up to date benefits counseling education, information and resources for professionals, beneficiaries, and family members.

The mission of The Maryland Benefits Counseling Network (MD-BCN) is to provide training and technical assistance to Work Incentive Counselors, Employment Service Providers, Beneficiaries, and families which supports Social Security beneficiaries in achieving greater independence through work.

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Opportunity Cost: HUD Eliminates the Earned Income Disregard

In an essay from 1976 the Italian economist Carlo Cipolla outlined some fundamental laws of stupidity. He avers that we underestimate the number of stupid people out there; we underestimate the destructive power of stupidity; stupid people are the most dangerous of...

Cleaning Up: Changes to SSI Waivers of Overpayments During Covid

Thanks to the settlement decision of a court case that was resolved in January this year up to two million Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries who were recorded as having had overpayments now won’t have to pay the money back. The decision determined that...

Equality Control: Social Security and Section 504

Seventeen years before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), President Richard Nixon, of all people, signed into law the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This act was something of a precursor to the ADA but had requirements limited to federal agencies and those who...

A Little Learning: All You Need to Know about Section 301

This week we’re going to hand over the blogging reins to the inestimable Mabel Munoz, Maryland Employment Network’s Lead Benefits Counselor. She recently provided a wonderful factsheet on Section 301 which you can read below in all its pellucid glory. What does...

Beneficiary Beware: Slam the Scam 2024

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Social Security have been in a constant battle to make everyone aware of the ever-present and ever-real threat of scammers targeting beneficiaries and doing their utmost to part them with their hard-earned cash. Each March the...