One of those rather unwelcome letters from Social Security that beneficiaries receive from time to time is the one that informs them that their past and present work activity is under review. Along with the dread of an impending overpayment or even the loss of benefits the recipient must also face the drudgery of the actual completion of the required Work Activity Report. This report requires patience, tests recall and demands levels of record-keeping that would test the capabilities of the British Library.

There is little that one can do to cool the fevered brow in this case but Social Security have at least made the process a little easier, or at least provided another option, as you can now fill in the report on-line. The agency actually announced the latest innovation some weeks ago but at that point anyone clicking on the link was greeted by a page devoid of any text save for a foolhardy tab requesting feedback.

However, nothing can stand in the way of the SSA’s march into the 21th century for too long, and so it can be revealed that if you are self-employed and obliged to fill in the SSA-820 you can do so by going here: Complete the Work Activity Report – Self-Employment (Form SSA-820)

For those required to complete the SSA-821 your link is here: Complete the Work Activity Report – Employee (Form SSA-821)