Social Security recently announced that they have created a new position within their ranks. The Vulnerable Population Liaison (VPL) will act to ensure that those in the community that most need the financial support that SSI and SSDI provide will be prioritized and assisted in securing those benefits.

The VPL is an actual Social Security employee who teams up with community providers who choose to sign up to partner with SSA, and works alongside designated individuals within those organizations. It would appear that the primary advantage of the scheme is to create direct points of contact at both Social Security and at the partnering organization, which one would hope would lead to greater communication and thus a speedier and more efficient application process.

Social Security announced that they have over 600 organizations that have signed up to be at least a point of contact for a VPL, and they are looking to take on more. For more information on this scheme and on signing up you can contact your local director here: Regional Communications Directors | SSA