The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), still more commonly known as food stamps, has an annual maximum allotment depending on the size of the household. The figures for 2022 came into place back in October 2021 as the US Department of Agriculture works on a financial year of October 1 to September 30. That, of course, means that if you have been receiving the maximum allotment you can’t expect any increases now that it is actually 2022.

The good news is that there were increases. A household of one can receive up to $250 a month, which is an $18 increase on FY21; while a household of four is now able to receive as much as $835 a month. There are different, and higher, figures for those in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and the Virgin Islands which will be of interest to any of our readers in those areas.

For the record, there is a standard deduction that is used by DSS workers when they make their calculations of each household’s allotment and that too has increased. The standard deduction for household of up to three is now $177 where last year it was $167; and a household of four’s deduction is now deemed to be $184.

Here’s the full record of the newish figures: Microsoft Word – FY22-Maximum-Allotments-Deductions reviwed (