We are in something of a lull as the first round of federally funded financial assistance prompted by COVID19 has come and gone. Most eligible Americans will have received their $1,200 stimulus check, although there are still plenty who are in limbo in that regard, and the last of $600 Unemployment Insurance Benefit (UIB) checks has been issued.

However, the good news is that lawmakers in Washington are currently hashing out the details on a second round of Economic Impact Payments (EIP), the stimulus check by another name, and talks are also advanced on how to continue to provide unemployment as the lockdown enters its umpteenth month with no real sign of dissipation.

The Senate is due to recess on Friday and the expectation is that a bill will be passed by the time members head off back to their constituencies. While that remains promising it should also be noted that these things still take time to come into effect, leaving anyone reliant on unemployment benefits with no income for at least another two weeks beyond the end of this week, assuming that the bill is passed in the first place.