Included in a newly updated Social Security publication on overpayments was a two-line addition recording a new option for paying the agency back. Yes, you can now clear your debt on-line by going here

Once there you’ll be asked to report your Remittance ID which can now be found at the top of those overpayment letters you received. You have the choice to go through the form as a ‘guest user’, or you can set up an account if, presumably, you feel you’re more likely to be a resident of the site.  As with the other forms of payment you can also choose to pay everything off in one lump sum or you can set up a payment plan.

This on-line option is only available to those who are no longer receiving an SSDI or SSI check. The publication also notes, rather ominously, that they have other means of getting their money back if you don’t volunteer to reimburse them either on-line or by check. For those who are still receiving SSI and/or SSDI payments Social Security’s favoured method of recouping their losses is still through the withholding of part or all of your monthly SSI or SSDI check.

To see the new publication you can go here: