Thanks to the increasingly mature Older Americans Act (OAA), instituted back in 1965, there have been funds available to every state in the land to provide nutrition services to those approaching the autumn of their lives.

In Maryland, as in many states, that means that if you are over 60 years of age and home-bound you can sign up for home delivery services and your spouse, no matter their situation can get the same deal. There’s no income or resource limit although you are encouraged to make a donation if you can. If you’re any age and have a disability you might also qualify although you will need to live with at least one older person (again, 60 or over- an age this writer is beginning to feel isn’t terribly ancient after all).

Essentially the same criteria exist for a program known as Congregate Nutrition, which means that there are places where you can eat with other participants and perhaps strike up a friendship or two over the pot roast and mashed potatoes. Again, spouses also get the same deal regardless of their age.

To see where you can access these services you can go here: Eldercare Locator (

To read more about Maryland’s services you can visit here: nutrition-services-consumer (