It has been announced that starting in January 2023 there will be some slight but positive modifications to the start dates for those enrolling in Medicare Part B.

At the moment someone who signs up for Medicare Part B in the last three months of the seven- month Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) has to wait two or three months before they are actually eligible for the plan. Next year someone in the same situation won’t have to wait as long. You will be able to expect to be covered as of the first day of the month following enrollment.

There will be no changes to the start date for anyone who enrolls in the first four months of the IEP. If you enroll before the month you get to 65, you’ll still have to wait until you actually are 65; as is the case right now, if you sign up in the month you hit 65 your coverage will begin the following month.

For more information about signing up for Medicare you can go here: Medicare Benefits | SSA