The Social Security Administration have made it be known that they plan to open offices up to the public starting in April. They have admitted that they haven’t yet set an exact date for the grand re-opening so it would appear that those plans are far from fully conceived.

The SSA has also warned that even when you are finally allowed go to your local office without an appointment you will be expected to wear a mask and may well be asked to wait outside the building if there are too many people already waiting. With the offices having been closed for so long it is also likely that there will be long waits.

As we wait for that undetermined date you can still meet in person with a representative if you’ve made an appointment and, of course, you can access services on-line at or by phone at 1-800-772-1213, or you might be able to get what you need through your my Social Security account which you can set up at this address my Social Security | SSA

Here’s where you can read SSA’s recent statement about the return to offices: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) | How to Get Help from Social Security | SSA