Social Security have recently decided to cut down on administrative work for certain representative payees and are no longer requiring the completion of the annual Representative Payee Report.

The report, which payees complete to account for the use of the income that the beneficiary receives, is no longer required as long as payees fall under one of the following categories:

·       natural or adoptive parent of a minor child beneficiary who lives with them.

·       legal guardian of a minor child beneficiary who lives with them.

·       natural or adoptive parent of an adult child beneficiary with a disability who’s still living with them.

·       beneficiary’s spouse.

That exemption is the only change in the obligations of a representative payee and Social Security are still insisting that all payees keep records of what happens to those monthly payments. As has always been the case Social Security still expect payees to report to them all changes regarding the beneficiary.

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