The Social Security Administration recently revealed a plan to require their staff to return to offices around the country starting as early as January 3 next year. The timing of the plan may turn out to be rather unfortunate as it was unveiled shortly before the advent of the new Omicron variant of Covid 19.

However, as things currently stand, the hope is that field office workers will be returning at least 3 days a week and will be expected to serve customers face to face. In acknowledgement of the ever-changing situation with the pandemic there are provisions for offices in areas with surging cases to close again, and to have staff return to teleworking.

We at the Maryland Benefist Counseling Network will keep an eye on the situation and will be sure to let you know if the plan doesn’t come to fruition or if there are changes.

To read the Reentry Plan in full you can go here: 110921ew1.pdf (