In their weekly blog the Social Security Administration just announced that they would be opening all local offices to customers without appointments as of April 7. Rightly fearing a deluge of customers, they also wanted to ward us off by encouraging us to still use the on-line options when we can, or to try to book appointments. Despite their wishes, if you do need to go and see them in person you can expect some rather long wait times for the foreseeable future.

The agency has also made it clear that they will be respecting Covid protocols, so in theory everyone will be expected to wear a mask, to practice social distancing, and to respect others by not coming if they feel unwell or have Covid-like symptoms.

It is to be hoped, if not expected, that in due course Social Security will return to delivering services in something approaching a timely manner.

You can read their full blog here Social Security Administration to Resume In-Person Services at Local Social Security OfficesSocial Security Matters (