Maryland’s Governor Hogan has just signed into effect the RELIEF Act 2021 which will provide much needed extra financial assistance to local working residents who have limited incomes. The $1 billion plus package will be providing direct payments of $300 to individuals who received the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for their 2019 state tax return. Those who filed jointly or as head of a household of more than one can expect to receive $500 if they too received the EITC for 2019.

There’s more good news for those who qualify for the payments as you don’t need to do anything to apply, and the state is planning on having handed out the benefits to at least 98% of eligible households by as soon as February 19.

The RELIEF Act will also be issuing $1000 grants to Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) claimants who have been waiting 30 days or more for their payments. Small businesses and non-profit agencies also stand to benefit as funding has also been allocated to provide grants and loans to those still dealing with the financial constraints imposed by this tiresome pandemic.

For more information on all these details and to address any questions you may have you can go directly to the Comptroller’s webpage here: