The Social Security Administration has been touting its on-line services for quite some time now and with a good level of determination as regular readers of their weekly blog would not have failed to notice. One development in recent months was the creation of the office locator page. By accessing that page here Field Office Locator | SSA you simply need to type in the zip code of your choice and up pops your local office’s address as well as the contact numbers and the now quaint fax numbers still favored by many Social Security offices.

One feature on that page that could serve to have more attention lies below the office details, and there you will find a section on Local Agencies. A click on that box will send you to a list and contact details of agencies in the area who can provide assistance with all manner of supports and services. Be it the local Department of Social Services, Veterans Affairs or even a suicide prevention hotline, therein lies a quick list of resources to meet the most pressing needs that life can throw at us. It’s a valuable addition to the SSA’s ever-growing list of on-line options even if the contact details listed are limited to that most 20th century mode of communication, the telephone.