The Social Security Administration has had in place for a few years now various options for SSI recipients to report their earnings. Where once it was advisable to go in person to your local office or to fax your pay stubs, you could also just call in and let a worker know how much you were making and hope they were taking notes. Technological advances broadened those choices and eventually led to SSI recipients being able to employ the mod con enjoyed by SSDI beneficiaries when they too could report work activity through their My Social Security account. (You can set up that account here: my Social Security | SSA)

One of the newer innovations specific to those receiving SSI was the SSI Mobile Wage Reporting App. That has recently undergone a couple of updates including the slightest of name changes. From now on Social Security will take to referring to it as the SSA Mobile Wage Reporting App (your guess is as good as mine as to what purpose that change serves).

More significantly, users can now take photographs of their pay stubs and upload them to the system. As long as the pay date and the gross earnings are visible SSA will be able to record the earnings and make the necessary adjustments to someone’s SSI benefit.

The new change also allows for a reminder text or email but otherwise users can still report their earnings manually and are still strongly encouraged to get those reports in before the 6th of each month.

Here’s where you can see the new instructions (which as you can see is misleadingly titled under the name of another method of reporting that hasn’t had any changes!): Supplemental Security Income Telephone Wage Report Worksheet (