We’re happy to announce that our colleagues at the Maryland Employment Network are looking for a bright and energetic individual to join their team as a full time Employment Specialist.

The ideal candidate must have:

  • Extensive experience and success in providing employment services to individuals with disabilities.
  • Strong communication skills to effectively advocate for individuals with disabilities within the business community and to interact effectively with the individuals served by MD-EN.
  • Skills and knowledge in performing job development activities to include resume development, identifying and negotiating potential jobs, and facilitating successful job placements.
  • Ability to provide effective ongoing supports to assist individuals with maintaining employment.
  • Ability to provide effective services in a manner that is convenient and accessible for beneficiaries throughout Maryland.

The job responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the benefits of employing individuals with disabilities to businesses, which may include job coaching, tax credits and on-the-job training financial incentives.
  • Working individually with beneficiaries to enhance job placements which match their qualifications, interests, preferences, and needs to available job openings.
  • Providing follow along supports to employed individuals assigned directly to the MD-EN, including regular communication, problem-solving, benefits counseling support, and advocacy to assist individuals with maintaining employment.

If that all sounds rather exciting and you’d like to learn more please contact Keirstyn Silver at  ksilver@harfordmentalhealth.org.