Another year in the books and off we go again! As we wish you all the very best of luck and happiness in 2023 here’s a quick look once more at some of the pertinent figures that we’ll need to be aware of in the coming months.

Maryland’s minimum wage continues its climb to $15 as it steps up to $13.25.

Here’s what’s on the rise: The Trial Work Period threshold will be $1,050; Substantial Gainful Activity climbs to $1,470 for non-blind individuals and $2,460 for those who are blind; SSI jumps to $914 for an individual and to $1,371 for a couple; SEIE’s monthly and annual thresholds go to $2,220 and $8,950 respectively.

Guess what’s going nowhere fast? Yes, the SSI resource limits hold firm at $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple.

There’s a welcome decline as Medicare’s Part B monthly standard premium drops to $164.90.

There’s also some good news from DSS that’s still dealing with the fallout from the state of emergency: anyone who has a Medical Assistance redetermination due before April 30 will keep their eligibility even if they don’t complete that process in time.

And we’ll keep you posted on changes to the Continued Medicaid Eligibility 1619(b) threshold and the 2023 Federal Poverty Level as soon as they’re made available, so watch this space.