There is now another on-line option available to us as Social Security continues to adapt its practices to meet our current way of living. The agency now offers anyone who wants to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) the chance to set off on the long road to approval by filling out an on-line questionnaire.

By submitting a few basic demographic details, you can now prompt your local office to contact you and set up an appointment with them. At that meeting the representative will assist you in completing the actual application.

Social Security vow to have someone at the agency book that appointment with you within 14 days of receiving your request. There’s no indication how far out the appointment may be set for but that’s likely to vary from office to office. You can expect an email from them or a letter if you haven’t an email address. There would appear to be the chance that you might get a call instead, but that again may be an office decision rather than any kind of a policy mandate.

If you, or someone you are helping, are interested in taking up this option the page to go to is here: Get Started to Apply for SSI | SSA