As a general rule in Maryland if you are living here but undocumented you are entitled to no health insurance coverage at all, However, there is a little caveat to that regulation which allows a short period of Medical Assistance coverage. You could qualify if you’ve received emergency medical services.

There are two coverage groups that essentially do the same thing. If you live in Maryland, are undocumented or just an ‘ineligible alien’, meet the financial criteria for the Aged, Blind and Disabled (ABD) form of Medical Assistance and have received medical aid that is determined to have been an emergency service you will be eligible for MA to cover the expenses of that service. If your situation is exactly the same but your income is below the income limits for the MAGI form of MA you’ll also have those services covered.

The rather preposterously titled Utilization Control Agent, who makes the decision on whether you qualify or not, will look to see if your case was likely to cause a serious injury to an organ or body part. Additionally, they do allow that delivering a baby is an emergency service, which certainly seems more than fair.