The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) was expressly developed to provide health care to all its citizens from ‘cradle to grave’. While there remains no such plan in the United States there is some limited provision of care that does indeed extend beyond that last act of life- dying.

Maryland’s Burial Assistance Program can provide up to $650 to assist with burial costs for recently deceased residents who qualified for public assistance or whose income and resources would have made them eligible.

Total funeral expenses are not to exceed $2,500 although the state is kind enough not to include the burial lot, vault, grave digging or burial clothes as countable expenses. The actual amount of the payment, which is made directly to the funeral director, is calculated based on the resources available to the deceased individual and anyone who was legally responsible for the late beneficiary.

If you find yourself in need of this unfortunate program you can apply at your local DSS office. You’ll need to provide proof of the death, funeral expenses and resources of the deceased.

For more reading you can go here: Burial Assistance – Maryland Department of Human Services