Food stamp fraud has recently become so prevalent In Maryland, with a reported 2,366 households having had money stolen from their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) accounts in the past 6 months, that the Department of Human Services (DHS) has created a simple way for people to get reimbursed for their loss of funds. 

If you know that someone used your card without your consent, you can make a claim to get up to two months’ worth of your food stamp allotment back. Claims can only be made for money stolen after October 1, 2022 and you have until May 31 to make the claim. If your card was stolen or if money was taken out of your benefit from March 1 this year you have 45 days to make that request. You can expect to get reimbursed within 15 days from the date you filed.

To make your claim, you can go in person to your local DHS office, you can access your MDThink account, or you can go here: myMDTHINK Programs & Services Portal (

There’s also a nice and clear section on their website that addresses all the questions you might have: EBT Fraud Reimbursement – Maryland Department of Human Services