The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) has made the generous decision to suspend the charging of premiums for those who participate in the Employed Individuals with Disabilities (EID) program. This order went into effect on March 30 and covers premium payments as of March 1. The suspension is expected to last until the state of emergency that was issued due to the COVID-19 pandemic is lifted. Until that time no premiums will be due and MDH will not withdraw any funds from those who are using the payment portal to pay any premiums. Even when this is all over MDH have avowed that they will not be asking for any back-payments for premiums during this time. If you have sent off a premium payment you can rest assured that that will go towards a future payment, so you won’t be charged for your diligence. You can also rest assured that MDH will notify you once you need to resume those payments.

All the above information also pertains to those who are signed up for the Maryland Children’s Health Program Premium (MCHP). You can read the official announcement on MDH’s webpage here: