The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting some of its regulations regarding Medicare services so as to counter a number of the issues that we are all undergoing at the present time.

As we are now severely restricted in where we are allowed to be and with whom we’re allowed to interact CMS has dealt with that matter by expanding telehealth services so that Medicare beneficiaries can keep appointments and see their doctors remotely rather in person. Those services include mental health counseling as well as your routine office visit. Medicare is paying the same rate for the telehealth services as it used to do for in-person appointments so there’s no need for concern in that regard.

CMS has also made it clear that if your doctor orders a COVID-19 test that cost will be fully covered by Medicare and will additionally cover any hospital costs for those who had to stay in quarantine in hospital because they had contracted the virus.

To get further details on these changes directly from Seem Verna, the CMS Administrator, you can see her blog here: