Well, you can’t. There is actually no provision for a simple transfer of any state-regulated benefit such as SNAP (aka Food Stamps) or Medical Assistance. Each state has their own eligibility rules and regulations so if you should up sticks and move to another state, you’ll have to re-apply once you get there.

Crucially, you also need to make sure that you let the state you’re leaving know that you are so they can cancel your benefit. It is highly recommended that you give them a couple of weeks’ notice if you can. If you have food stamps you should contact your local Department of Social Services office. You can also let them know if you have Medicaid that needs to be cancelled but if you have the MAGI form of MA in Maryland you can contact Maryland Health Connection at 1-855-642-8572.

Once you get to your new state you should waste no time in contacting that state’s social services offices to get those SNAP and Medicaid applications going. You are allowed to apply for Medicaid before you get confirmation of cancellation in your old state, which is at least a gesture towards reducing the concern of losing healthcare coverage.

Here’s a handy list of each state’s contacts for applying for food stamps: SNAP State Directory of Resources | Food and Nutrition Service (usda.gov)

Here’s a list of each state’s options for Medicaid: Healthcare And Medical Assistance | Benefits.gov