A new law that comes under the full title of the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act is now in place and certain Veterans should now apply.

The PACT Act seeks to increase compensation and expand health care provisions to all Veterans of wars since Vietnam who were subject to Agent Orange, burn pits and other toxic exposures. It also allows for a presumptive exposure if a Veteran was in certain additional locations during wartime.

Veterans who are deemed eligible for the PACT Act could have their disability rating increased, which would lead to an increase in their Disability Compensation. The PACT Act also expands free VA health care to any Veteran who served in combat in a hostile situation after the Persian Gulf War (which ended in February 1991).

Most pertinently, if you feel you qualify you are strongly encouraged to apply before August 14 so you could get retroactive payments that extend back to August last year.

You can go here to apply and to read more: The PACT Act And Your VA Benefits | Veterans Affairs