In a recent announcement Social Security has drawn our attention to an on-line guide for anyone with limited means who’s looking to see what benefits they may qualify for.

The Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST), which can be accessed here Welcome to SSA BEST | SSABEST (, is an easily navigable web page that gives you the basics on any benefits that Social Security administers. A quick click on the SSI tab, for instance, will give you an overview of the program, a general look at the eligibility requirements, and information on the application process.

It is important to stress that it is only for SSA benefits and may otherwise he a little misleading. The section on Veterans Benefits doesn’t give you any information about VA benefits; it actually focuses on an increasingly rare SSA benefit that applies only to World War II veterans. Similarly, there’s information on Medicare, but you won’t find anything on Medical Assistance.

The webpage is also decidedly blunt in declaring that it’s not there to help you apply and it’s not going to hand you any cash either, but it does remain a handy option for anyone who’s not sure what benefits might be out there to help them.