Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Social Security have been in a constant battle to make everyone aware of the ever-present and ever-real threat of scammers targeting beneficiaries and doing their utmost to part them with their hard-earned cash.

Each March the agency highlights the issue with its Slam the Scam day.  This year the big day will be on March 7, which coincides with the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Week, which runs from March 3 to March 9.

The aim of the day is to spread awareness of the methods scammers use and to encourage potential victims to report on anyone they suspect of having tried to scam them.

As the promotional literature states, you can spot a scammer if they call, text or email you and demand payment or identifying information under threat of losing your benefits. Neither the IRS nor Social Security operate that way, despite how it might feel at times.

If you suspect someone has tried to scam you, you can report it here: Office of the Inspector General: SSA Scam Reporting Form, Social Security

Here’s where you can read more about the project: Protect Yourself from Social Security Scams | SSA