Effective as of July 1 this year the Healthy Babies Equity Act mandates that anyone who is a resident of Maryland and who is pregnant can qualify for Medicaid no matter their immigration status.

Before July any non-citizen without legal status here would have had to fend for herself but now, if she meets the income limits ($4,340 a month for a household of two, which includes the mother and unborn child) she will qualify for all sorts of free services that were previously denied her.

Those services include prenatal visits, the hospital stay, and transportation to and from medical care. Also included are prescription costs, mental health care, and even dental care.

The coverage can be extended 3 months retroactively and will last up to 4 months after the delivery.

In order to apply you can go here Home – Maryland Health Connection or you can call them at 855-642-8572. You can also apply at your local health department.

Here’s where you can get more information on the program and how to apply Pages – Healthy Babies (maryland.gov)