It would appear that the coronavirus outbreak has given certain individuals pause for thought. The thought being “How can I use this crisis to wring some money out of Social Security beneficiaries?” Yes, once again the Social Security Administration has been obliged to make everyone aware of a new scam. This one involves sending out letters (the scammers have evidently moved on from phone calls and emails) to unsuspecting folks threatening suspension or termination of their benefits unless they call the number listed in the letter. Once on the line beneficiaries are conned into providing personal information or handing over cash.

Although the coronavirus may have hampered certain services provided by Social Security they are not in the business of suspending anyone’s benefits over this issue and are naturally keen to make everyone aware of that fact. In a recent blog by Gail Ennis, Inspector General for Social Security, she reiterated points made earlier this year that her agency will never do such things as threaten suspension unless you pay a fine, or demand secrecy in dealing with a matter. To read more on this latest method of extortion and what to do if you suspect a scam please go here: