The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently published the new premium, coinsurance and deductible amounts for Medicare Parts A and B. Although unsurprising given the large increase in Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) announced by Social Security, they are much higher than they were for this year.

The standard monthly Part B premium will now come in at $170.10, which is an increase of $21.60 on this year’s $148.50; and the annual Part B deductible is up $30 to $233.

For Part A the deductible for that hospital stay is up a staggering $72 and will set you back $1,566. The coinsurance that comes into effect on day 61 of any hospitalization has also increased and will stand at $389 a day, a not-insignificant jump of $18 a day.

For a full record of all the changes you can go here: 2022 Medicare Parts A & B Premiums and Deductibles/2022 Medicare Part D Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts | CMS