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The Red Book

The Red Book is used to find information on all Social Security Work Incentives.

Fact Sheet

This MD-BCN fact sheet provides instructions for beneficiaries who wish to request their own BPQY from Social Security.

Download MD-BCN Fact Sheet

MD-BCN Reporting Wages Fact Sheet

When a Social Security recipient is employed, they are required to report earnings to SSA as well as changes in their employment situation. This MD-BCN fact sheet provides instructions to beneficiaries concerning the when, what, and how of reporting earnings and employment changes to Social Security.

Download MD-BCN Reporting Wages Fact Sheet

MD-BCN Overpayments Fact Sheet

Provides an overviews of what a Social Security overpayment is, how it occurs, and the several options beneficiaries have for dealing with them.

Download MD-BCN Overpayments Fact Sheet

MD-EN Ticket to Work Fact Sheet

Provides the need-to-know information about Ticket to Work in a quick question and answer format.

Download MD-EN Ticket to Work Fact Sheet

Social Security Disability and Work Calculator

The Social Security Disability and Work Calculator is used to determine which return to work phase a Title II beneficiary is in as well as countable earnings for Title II beneficiaries.

Supplemental Security Income Payments Calculator

The Supplemental Security Income Payments Calculator is used to determine how earnings and/or other unearned income will impact a SSI check.

Bottom Line Comparison Calculator

The Bottom Line Comparison Calculator is used to compare different income scenarios for beneficiaries. This calculator can be used for both SSI & Title II  beneficiaries.

New Report Shows SSI Work Incentives Need Work

The non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued a report to the US senate’s Subcommittee on Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy which highlighted how far we are from truly assisting SSI recipients who are looking to work their way out...

Want to Improve SSI? Here’s A Chance

The Senate Finance Committee Subcommittee on Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy is holding a hearing at 2:45pm next Tuesday, September 21 with the expressed purpose of working towards establishing policy options that will improve Supplemental Security Income...

Parent’s Benefits: Financial Support if the Worst Should Happen

It’s said that there is no worse prospect in life than that a parent should have to bury her child. That it should happen while the child is still young or later in adult life there is little that can alleviate the agony of the experience. Social Security have made...

Social Security Expands Compassionate Allowances Program

A couple of weeks ago Social Security announced that a dozen more severe conditions had been added to the list of those already allowed under their own Compassionate Allowances Program. The program was designed to speed up the SSDI and SSI application process by...

Social Security National Disability Forum Coming Soon: Register Now!

Social Security have been running a National Disability Forum for a number of years. It’s designed to allow anyone with an interest in the workings of the agency to give their insight and to share their experiences. Social Security tend to hold these forums around...

Social Security Changes Policy on Stimulus Checks and SSI

Back in 2020 when the first Economic Impact Payment (EIP), more commonly known as the stimulus check, was rolled out the Social Security Administration made it be known that SSI recipients who would were eligible for the payment would not have to worry about losing...

A Trip off the Beaten Path: Foster Care, Subsidized Adoptions and Former Foster Care (The Medicaid E-Track Coverage Group)

In the1960s the British government commissioned a review of the nation’s railways as part of a plan to improve the efficiency of the nationalized network. The outcome was the now famous Beeching Report, so named for its author, which recommended the closure of dozens...

Long COVID Officially Recognized as a Disability

The U.S Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (DHHR) have teamed up to mandate that ‘long COVID’ is a disability, and anyone living with the symptoms should be permitted the accommodations and protections from discrimination...

SSI Recipient with Questions about EIP? SSA Has the Answers

The hugely accomplished and still yet to be fully acknowledged Scottish band, Belle and Sebastian, were once admonished by their record company for supplying less than catchy album titles. They duly followed up “The Boy with the Arab Strap” with “Fold Your Hands...

Vulnerable Population Liaisons: SSA’s New Community Partnership Scheme

Social Security recently announced that they have created a new position within their ranks. The Vulnerable Population Liaison (VPL) will act to ensure that those in the community that most need the financial support that SSI and SSDI provide will be prioritized and...